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Business Partner Code of Ethics & Conduct


APPA’S Core Values
Educational facilities professionals develop and sustain the physical environment of the institutions they serve. In support of this work, APPA provides information, training, and research based on four core areas of competency:

  1. General Administration & Management
  2. Operations & Maintenance
  3. Energy, Utilities & Environmental Stewardship
  4. Planning, Design & Construction

Visionary leadership, customer-driven excellence, organizational and personal learning, valuing members and Business Partners, agility, focus on the future, managing for innovation, management by fact, social responsibility, focus on results and creating value, and a systems perspective. These values generally address how we interact with each other. They shape our business strategy, and they are foundational to our Code of Ethics and Conduct.


This Code of Ethics and Conduct is meant as a guideline for the conduct we expect our Business Partners to exhibit in their dealings with members of APPA.


Acting Responsibly & Professionalism
Business Partners shall endeavor to deal fairly with members, competitors, vendors, and other Business Partners. No member shall take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practice.

Business Partners are entitled to expect ethical treatment and behavior from institutional members of APPA at APPA events. A Business Partner who has experienced unethical treatment from members at an event can seek assistance from APPA by contacting Suzanne Healy, director of professional development at [email protected].

Interacting with Others
APPA’s membership is drawn from across the globe, and our diversity is an asset: we attract and retain membership with many different viewpoints. We expect our Business Partners to be respectful of such differences, and to treat one another with courtesy and respect. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

Interacting Online
Exercise good judgment when using the internet for personal or professional activities. You should never release non-public financial or operational information relating to APPA or any members or member institutions of APPA. We regularly monitor social media to ensure our reputation is protected.

Do not use the APPA Brand or identifiers when expressing an opinion online. It is never permissible to disclose confidential, proprietary, or non-public information related to your APPA.

Conference Mailing Lists
Sponsors who have access to mailing lists are asked to please limit the number of mailings to no more than three mailings after the conference. Redistributing mailing lists is strictly prohibited.

Conferences and Events
All Business Partners attending an APPA conference are expected to comply with the APPA Business Partner Code of Ethics and Conduct. When in doubt, Business Partners have the responsibility to seek clarification from APPA.

Exhibit Hall
Exhibitors and sponsors may use the official list of conference pre-registrants provided by APPA’s main office to invite attendees to visit their booth. It is important to give colleagues credit or attribution where appropriate.

Social Events
Scheduling private parties or events during APPA conferences must be approved prior to scheduling and invitation release with the APPA staff. Failure to do so will result in APPA making notification to the hotel that it is not an approved event and subject to cancellation.

Private Events
Business Partners are encouraged to schedule private events outside of publicly scheduled conference event times. Please refer to the conference schedule. Any event scheduled inside the conference hotel(s) must be coordinated with the APPA staff in advance. Any alcohol served in the hotel must be provided by the hotel to comply with liquor license rules.


Ask Before You Act
With APPA’s core values in mind and this Code of Ethics and Conduct as a guide, you can properly navigate most situations you come across in the course of your work.

If ever in doubt, remember to ask before you act. All questions should be directed to:
Suzanne Healy
Director of Professional Development
[email protected]

Thank you to each and every employee for your commitment to excellence, and for helping APPA maintain the trust of our members, clients, and business associates. We value your contributions to APPA’s ongoing success.