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APPA 2019, Denver, Colorado: Program Archives

Access the APPA 2019 PowerPoints by clicking on the name of the session below. For sessions where we have not been provided a final presentation file, we are sharing the session lead’s contact information, allowing you to directly engage with the presenter(s).
NOTE: Download times will vary based on file size and incorporated graphics/content.

10 Tips To Create A Strategic RFP For Your Campus
A Building Renewal Case Study
Achieve More With Simple Custodial Work Loading Tool – Session Lead Contact
Advancing Our Workforce – Credentialing Our Future – Session Lead Contact
Anatomy of a Great Presentation – Session Lead Contact
An Untapped Resource for Your Next Hire – Session Lead Contact
APPA Med-Ed Roundtable Session 2019 – Session Lead Contact
Are You Resilient Enough to Survive and Bounce Back? Session Lead Contact
Building a More Efficient Workforce through Modernization of Trades Titles
Campus Hardening on the Soft SideSession Lead Contact
Change the Perception of Your Department…Ten Seconds at a Time Session Lead Contact
CLICK: Smart Campus & Intelligent Buildings – Session Lead Contact
Competing Perspectives- Decision Making in Pursuit of Capital Projects
Coordinating Organized Chaos on Campus
Creating Effective Teams
Creating, Cultivating, and Measuring Organizational Culture Session Lead Contact
Data Driven Change Execution Tools Using FPI & Other Data Sources
Data or Valuable Performance Metrics: FM’s Harness the Power
Driven by Microgrids: Santa Fe Community College Steers Into The Future – Session Lead Contact
Elevating the Cleaning Craft
Engaging Students in “Real World” Energy Conservation
Environmental Health & Safety: Busting Myths & Working Better Together
Facilities Informatics Revisited – Your Data Dictionary and More
FPI 2.0 – A New Spin on Your Data
Gaming For Energy Resiliency
High Performance Work Teams: Great Customer Service
How to Build an In-House Talent Development Program
How to Improve and Sustain with Limited Budgets
Impact of Low Speed Vehicles on Campus – Session Lead Contact
Impact of a Zone Maintenance Model
Implementing APPA’s Thought Leaders Series Findings in Your Organization – Session Lead Contact
In-House Master Planning
Innovative Funding for Institutional Growth
Knowledge and Skills for the 21st Century Workforce
Learning Models in Strategic Organizational Development
Leadership Lessons from “The Four Agreements” – Session Lead Contact
Leveraging and Adapting New Technologies for Aging Facilities

Making Maker Space as a Bridge Between Campus and Community
Master Your Tasks: Personal Kanban 101 – Session Lead Contact
Maximizing Space Efficiency: UT Austin Space Allocation
Modern Technology & Its Impact On M&O
Never Underestimate The Power Of A Pie Chart
Reducing Deferred Maintenance is the Wrong Goal! – Instead, Renew & Modernize for Student Success
Removing the Double Standard from Landscape
Reorganization: Growth through Mentoring Talent – Session Lead Contact
RFAs – Students as the After-Hours Front Line of Defense
Staffing Assessment & Organizational Restructure – Session Lead Contact
Successfully Leveraging ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard for Your Campus Operations – Session Lead Contact
Supercharge Your Facilities Department
The Art of Engagement and Retention – Session Lead Contact
The STARS Framework & Facilities – Better Together
These ARE The Documents You Are Looking For
Total Cost of Ownership & APPA TCO 1000 an ANSI Recognized Standard
Transforming Facilities Through a Zero Waste Lens – Session Lead Contact
Transforming the Campus of the Future: Preparing for Urban Air Rideshare – Session Lead Contact
Understanding NFPA 3000™ (PS) Standard for Active Shooter
Untap Building Data To Tackle Industry Challenges – Session Lead Contact
Using Data to Assess Need and Impact Change on Campus
Using Data To Move Shop Leads & Supervisors From Worker-Bees To Strategic Thinkers
Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Information Flow To Front Line Employees – Session Lead Contact
Who Just Joined? Diversity & Inclusion Readiness Tools
Why Words Matter: Future-Oriented Facilities Hiring – Session Lead Contact
You Just Received Your Facilities Condition Assessment Report – Now What

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