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Associated Duties and Responsibilities – Member & Community Engagement Committee

  • The formerly named Membership Committee has been officially changed to the Member & Community Engagement Committee.
  • Focus on promoting connections and cultivating community rather than selling membership dues.  Orchestrate the necessary changes required in mindset, language, and how we go to market.
  • Realign the listserv activity/function to this committee and establish a more relevant “Community Engagement Platform” as a priority technology investment.
  • With the 2020 election ballot process, realign via the APPA Bylaws the Secretary-Treasurer functions and responsibilities to that of the President and Executive Committee (which presently serve as the Finance Committee and Planning Committee already).
  • Realign the Awards & Recognition Committee and the associated individual awards and Sustainability Innovation and Effective & Innovative Practices institutional awards to the Member & Community Engagement Committee’s Vice President and staff liaison.  A&R will engage virtually and utilize APPA’s online database to score, rank, and recommend APPA’s awards.