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Committee Context and Alignment with APPA’s Strategic Plan

The adoption of APPA’s Strategic Plan, Preparing for Every Future, is driving the need to reposition and enhance the organizational capacity of the APPA staff and its most engaged volunteers.  Major steps have been taken and continue to be pursued in order to position the APPA staff and volunteer leaders to successfully implement the Strategic Plan.  Consistent with these developing changes is the need to reposition and recharter the essential work of APPA’s Committees.  The reorientation and refocus will align and contribute to effective outcomes in differentiating APPA’s vision of Continuous Learning and strengthening its brand of professional development and community.

The Strategic Plan requires an integrated effort across all four permanent committees.  Information & Communications assembles and disseminates our collective wisdom and knowledge; Member & Community Engagement brings us together as a supportive and sharing profession; Professional Affairs broadens our reach and relevancy; and Professional Development provides opportunities to elevate our skills, knowledge, and abilities as we prepare for every future.

Working through an integrated, interdependent, and creative model, these committees will reshape APPA’s brand as we move into an ever-changing and increasingly demanding world.