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2024 Editorial Calendar

Why Write for Facilities Manager? 
Writing for Facilities Manager is a great way to share engaging, behind-the-scenes accounts of why your work matters and how you get it done with other members of the APPA community. In each issue, we welcome a range of voices, perspectives, and topics related to best practices in facilities management. Submissions do not have to relate to the issue themes outlined below. See the Editorial Guidelines for more information.  
January/February 2024 
The Year Ahead 
What are the key challenges and issues facing facilities leaders in 2024, and what are your best strategies and solutions for addressing them? Share how you are preparing your physical and financial infrastructures to withstand—and even triumph—amid potential contingencies and crises, from extreme weather to financial stressors to safety and wellness.  
Submission deadline: December 1, 2023 
March/April 2024 
A Seat at the Table 
Besides making a powerful first impression on prospective students and other stakeholders, the physical campus is often an institution’s most valuable capital investment. Help your APPA colleagues understand how your facilities management team gained, and now leverages, that all-important “seat at the table” for important leadership decisions at your institution. 
Submission deadline: January 29, 2024 
May/June 2024 
Creative Conversions 
Whether converting office buildings into residence halls, transitioning from fossil-fuel dependency to carbon neutrality, or modernizing spaces for more flexible uses, facilities management professionals are responsible for the success of a wide range of transformations involving their built environment. How have you addressed these challenges?  
Submission deadline: March 25, 2024 
July/August 2024 
The Next Generation Workforce 
Between an aging workforce and unprecedented challenges recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining a new generation of skilled professionals, the facilities management profession must embrace new approaches to human resources management. Share your experiences staffing up for an increasingly complex work environment amid profound demographic and technological shifts.  
Submission deadline: May 27, 2024 
September/October 2024 
Ramping Up Revenue 
Declining enrollments represent just one threat to financial sustainability, prompting many education and research institutions to seek fresh ideas for generating revenue—as well as savings—from their brick-and-mortar facilities. Share how your facilities team has supported innovative approaches to your institution’s long-term financial readiness. 
Submission deadline: July 29, 2024  
November/December 2024 
The Sustainable Campus 
Campus sustainability can be defined by many measures, including energy consumption, resource management, waste mitigation and removal, and resilience against extreme weather and other climate-related threats. Tell your APPA colleagues what you’re doing at your institution to help shore up its efficiency and durability for decades to come. 
Submission deadline: September 30, 2024 

See the Editorial Guidelines for more information.

 *All themes and dates subject to change.