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Have APPA Assess Your Facilities Operation with the FMEP

April 13, 2024


APPA’s Facilities Management Evaluation Program (FMEP) provides institutions with a customized evaluation conducted by a team of institutional peers based on a comprehensive set of criteria. Institutions receive a written report consisting of feedback and recommended actions personalized to each institution and designed to help transform participating educational facilities programs into those worthy of international recognition. 

The Mission of APPA’s FMEP: Assessment & Continuous Improvement

  • Identify and confirm needed resources for your facilities organization
  • Place your organization on track to achieve continuous quality improvement
  • Identify a path toward excellence for your entire facilities team
  • Establish a strategic planning tool
  • Exceed customer expectations

The FMEP process is conducted in four stages:

First, the institution’s facilities team undertakes a self-evaluation, using criteria established by APPA.

Next, an onsite evaluation team is organized by APPA which meets with the facilities organization at the institution.

While onsite, the evaluation team summarizes its findings in an oral report that it provides to the facilities organization to substantiate its findings and gain clarification.

Finally, after the onsite evaluation and oral report, the evaluation team produces a final written report that is then delivered to the institution.

Every FMEP conducted by APPA is customized and tailored to the specific institution for which it is conducted. Evaluation teams of experienced senior facilities officers are carefully hand-picked by APPA to conduct each onsite FMEP evaluation. Care is taken to ensure that the evaluation team comprises a select group of peers from campuses with similar educational, financial, and physical characteristics.

Contact Rich Robben for more information or to schedule your evaluation.

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