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Military Transition

Thinking about a career in educational facilities after the military?  Numerous veterans from all service branches have found successful and satisfying second careers in the campus facilities enterprise. This site was developed by veterans for transitioning military members like you. APPA wants to help make your transition as seamless as possible by offering resource information and practical tips.

We have found rewarding careers in educational facilities as we work with teams who enable student success, support groundbreaking research, and enhance community outreach.  While benefits vary by institution, most positions offer predictable and reasonable work hours, competitive vacation and sick leave, and job security.  With educational institutions throughout North America, opportunities likely exist where you want to live.

If you have more questions and you would like to connect with someone, check out the Sponsor Program link to the left.

*While this site focuses on higher education, most of the information is also true for K-12 public and private school systems who are also APPA members. Note that these Military Transition pages are designed as informational for both potential employers at educational institutions and the military veterans interested in transitioning to a civilian role at a college, university, or school. 

** APPA does not provide any additional service or guarantee regarding access, placement, or employment.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Darren Hale at [email protected] or Steven Gasser at [email protected].