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APPA Regions & Chapters

APPA Comprises 6 regions


Each region holds an annual meeting in the fall that provides institutional members with professional development opportunities and business partners a chance to engage with members on various levels.

Institutional membership in the regions is required for APPA membership, but optional for business partner membership.

Specific membership benefits can be found on each region’s page, but some benefits include:

  • Discounts on registration to regional meetings
  • Volunteer opportunities within your region
  • Additional chapter professional development opportunities; localized programming
  • Business Partners: exhibit and sponsorship opportunities
Pacific Coast Region of APPA (PCAPPA) Rocky Mountain Region of APPA (RMA) Central Region of APPA (CAPPA) Eastern Region of APPA (ERAPPA) Midwest Region of APPA (MAPPA) Southeastern Region of APPA (SRAPPA) Midwest Region of APPA (MAPPA)

To apply for regional membership, please visit the Join Today page to select the appropriate application form.

ERAPPA, MAPPA, PCAPPA & RMA 2023 events have concluded. For information about other regional events with them, visit their respective websites for more information.