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Continuous Learning Team

APPA invites you to join its Continuous Learning Team special interest group to become involved in your area of interest at APPA!

The Continuous Learning Team is seeking individuals with a passion for the professional development of self and team.  At APPA, we embrace the value of an educated facilities management professional and look to partner with like-minded individuals in the journey to expand our reach benefiting one’s self, their institution as well as the future of the facilities management profession.  

The Continuous Learning Group, in collaboration with staff, accesses the needs of each level of our organization from a development requirement.  Efforts will be undertaking to curate content that expands the knowledge base through various elements of programming delivery systems.

(1) Three Year Appointment

September 13, 2021 – September 24, 2021


Commitment and expectations:

– The Continuous Learning Team will meet monthly for engaged discussion and brainstorming activities. Future in-person events will be established with a maximum of (2) two per year. (NOTE: Funding for in-person sessions will be supported by APPA.)
The Continuous Learning Team will engage the regional/chapter membership to ensure all levels of the association development desires are responded to as is deemed feasible.
– The Continuous Learning Team will partner to educate the individual and institutional member on the benefit of APPA professional development offerings both for self and the campus community.

Interested individuals are asked to click here to complete a short submission for sharing your specific qualifications as well as areas of expertise.

Should you have additional questions prior to your submission of interest, contact Suzanne Healy, director of professional development.