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Professional Development Committee

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The Professional Development Committee promotes continuous learning and the professional development of educational facilities professionals across the entire APPA community.  Their charge is to evaluate, validate, and improve the educational program delivery of the association through the identification of relevant content, programs, and delivery methods. The committee promotes and informs regional members about programming opportunities at international, regional, and chapter levels and draws from the regions, advice, counsel, and recommended content and quality presenters for consideration and integration in advancing APPA’s Strategic Plan for Continuous Learning. 

The committee provides creative and innovative ideas in the continued exploration and review of effective delivery methods and technologies.  The committee advises the Executive Vice President on the educational programming for the annual conference.  On behalf of the committee, the Vice President advises the Executive Vice President on the development of educational content and the management and delivery of educational programs. The committee’s Vice President serves as APPA’s liaison to the Credentialing Board and advises the APPA Board on its policies and activities related to professional credentialing.

Committee Members

Vice President for Professional Development:
Beth Clark, Penn State University 

Committee Members
CAPPA: Scott Turley, University of Arkansas
ERAPPARobert J. Aldrich, CEFP, Miss Hall’s School
MAPPARon Pond, Mukwonago Area School District
PCAPPAJohn Furman, Western Washington University
RMAJenna Elmer, University of Arizona
SRAPPAAndy Maddox, University of Alabama
Business PartnerKaren Sanchez, SIEMENS 

Staff Liaisons:
Suzanne Healy, APPA Director of Professional Development 
Corey Newman, APPA Associate Director of Professional Development 

Committee Resources

Click here to download the annual meeting evaluation template for use by committee members.

July 2019 Annual Meeting

July 2019 Annual Meeting Documents – Per July 14, 2019 Meeting
Vice President for Professional Development Board Report
Credentialing Business Plan
Credentialing Strategic Plan
Credentialing Marketing Plan
Credentialing Financial Plan

Committee Meeting Minutes

August Committee Meeting Minutes
September Committee Meeting Minutes
November Committee Meeting Minutes
December Committee Meeting Minutes