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Planning for Social Distancing at Lake Michigan College

As I look at the concepts for a 3’ radius, I’m troubled in that a person’s physical body space is not accounted for.  At Lake Michigan College we have been using a 24” body with a 6’ radius (essentially 14’ bubbles) to diagram how spaces work.  As we move the bubbles around, we can’t intersect the inner circles.  We are closely evaluating furniture layouts and room use to consider how the rooms will function as students and instructors are required to move about for various activities (like team and pair work) as well as the static instruction and general access.  I have attached a quick example – not really fancy.  Hope it is helpful. 

Sara T. VanderVeen, AIA
Executive Director, Facilities Management
Lake Michigan College
Benton Harbor, Michigan
[submitted June 17, 2020]