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Certification Policies and Procedures

9/26/2023 – policy was updated to reflect change to Second Chance Option policy stating participant must attempt exam to be eligible for the FREE Second Chance Option.

APPA Discount Coupon Policy

APPA discount coupons can only be used once and may not be transferred. They are non-refundable and do not hold any monetary value.

APPA discount coupons supported by APPA Regions (excludes Military, International Schools and Business Partners) when used, will have an expectation from the regions that the participant will attempt the exam at the conclusion of the course before the end of the 30-day testing period. If you are not able to complete the 90-day course and test during the testing period, please contact Kelly Ostergrant at [email protected] to be moved to a different cohort group. You are only allowed to postpone the course and be moved to a new group one time. Failure to attempt the exam within the 30 days of completing the course could result in having to purchase the course again at full price.

Examination Fee

The fee for the CEFP Examination is included in your registration fee.  There is no additional cost to test after completing the CEFP Course.

The Online Credentialing Course includes a ‘Free Second Chance” option which allows participants to attend the Certification Course and test again free of charge if they fail the exam on the first attempt.  Participants must attempt the exam in order to be eligible to use the Free Second Chance Option.  Failure to test before the conclusion of the course could result in having to purchase the course again at full price.

Once the ‘Free Second Chance” option has been used, if the exam has not been passed, additional exam voucher codes can be purchased for $150.00 each within 30 days from the exam fail date.  No minimum.  With each additional exam purchase, you will receive 30 days access to the CIL Platform to review for your exam.  (no access to Live Webinars)

If you need to cancel or change your exam date or time, you must give at least 72 hours’ notice without incurring a fee of $150.00.  Any missed/no show exam will be assessed a $150.00 fee and will be invoiced through APPA.  Payment for missed or canceled exams must be made before you can receive a new exam voucher code.  Contact Kelly Ostergrant, [email protected] APPA’s Credentialing Coordinator to cancel or change your exam or to receive an exam voucher code.

CEFP Recertification

Once you pass the CEFP Examination, you will be expected to renew your certificate every 4 years starting on the date you passed.  You will need to enter employment, training, leadership roles, or research and publications into your Recertification Account.  Weekly APPA webinars as well as APPAU, AFS or VFS will automatically entered for you.  All other activities must be entered in a timely manner to be approved.  You will need to upload attendance verification for any non-APPA, regional, and state/local activities to be eligible for approval. 

Failure to recertify before your expiration date may result in having to purchase and take the CEFP Course again and pass the exam. Membership with APPA and the region will be required for discounts towards the course and exam.

Information regarding Recertification can be found on the APPA website under Certification.

CIL Facilitators & Master Facilitators

All Customized Interactive Learning Facilitators must be CEFP certified and in good standing.  To stay active, one must lead at least one (1) Cohort Group over a period of 24 months.  Facilitators will represent APPA while on the webinars and remain knowledgeable of the content for which they are presenting.  They will be prepared for the calls and report to the Credentialing Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to any webinar if they are unable to attend, with the name of an alternate facilitator.  Facilitators may be asked to serve as Master Facilitators on a case by case basis, depending on their individual performance on the live webinars.  Once someone has been named Master Facilitator, he or she can still serve as CIL Facilitator, making sure the two roles do not overlap. Master Facilitators may be required to travel and may receive an honorarium for their services.  Travel expenses for the Master Facilitator will be paid in addition to the honorarium according to the Board of Directors Handbook/APPA Policy

Updated 9.23.2023