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Professional excellence and personal growth are critical to institutional success. APPA’s professional development programs provide real-world leadership and technical skills uniquely designed for careers within educational facilities management at all levels. Our educational opportunities provide expertise and instill confidence in individuals, creating lifelong learners. At APPA, we strive to enhance our members’ credibility, overall quality of life, and abilities to prepare for every future.

Create Your Own Roadmap

Professional Development Offerings

Supervisor’s Toolkit

Designed programming for individuals new to the supervisor’s role or looking to enhance their supervisory skills.

Institute for Facilities Management

Curated content to ensure technical competencies align with APPA’s Body of Knowledge, impacting the uniqueness of our campuses.

Leadership Academy

Designed to meet the challenges facing strong leaders at every level of the organization.


Complimentary webinar series keeping APPA members informed and connected in the facilities world.

Invest in Success

An exciting new program designed to develop and inspire front-line staff in their role at your institutions. 

2024 Spring Conference

A program focused on issues facing higher education and K–12 institutions and the professionals who plan, manage, and maintain them. 

Create your own roadmap.

Introduction to lifelong learning for frontline workers

  • Invest in Success

Comprehensive learning of FM and leadership (APPA U)

  • Institute for Facilities Management – Certificate earned 
  • Leadership Academy – Certificate earned

Developing supervisory skills

  • Supervisors Toolkit
  • Leadership Academy

Advanced learning of FM

  • Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) – Certificate earned 
  • Pathway to Professionalism

Ongoing learning

  • Webinars
  • Spring Conference 

Learning on campus

  • Pathway to Professionalism
  • Leadership Academy (AoC)