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APPA’s long-standing and highly successful courses, the Institute for Facilities Management and the Leadership Academy, are offered together under the umbrella of APPA U.

APPA U offers the convenience of both educational opportunities in one location and is taught by faculty from across the country to help professionals envision the full spectrum of the facilities management profession. APPA U’s reputation for preparing facilities management professionals and their teams with the tools to meet competing priorities, deadlines, and challenges with budgets and sustainability makes it a valuable educational experience.

APPA U is now offered twice yearly (January and June) at different locations across the United States. This new cycle balances the time between programs, considers our members’ educational calendar, and makes it easier for APPA members to participate in regional activities.

By offering both educational venues together, the opportunity to meet more people, share ideas, and get a taste for the other opportunities being offered is expanded.