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Planning, Design & Construction

Don Guckert, Dean
The University of Iowa

The Planning, Design & Construction program offers a comprehensive overview of the industry processes and practices in place in planning, improving and developing the campus physical environment of the future. Major topics include master planning, space planning, programming, design project management, construction project management, project time management, contract administration and organizing to manage a campus project workload. The curriculum offers a balance of technical and project management topics.


Planning, Design, & Construction Courses

401 Project Costs & Investments (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Facilities management professionals are constantly challenged on the cost of construction and improvements. This session reveals the reasons behind the high cost of higher education construction by breaking this issue down into its component parts. The session also explores how capital projects are typically funded and the challenges with making total-cost-of-ownership based project decisions.

402 Facilities Master Planning (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
The modern higher education campus must respond and be accountable to rapid and complex changes in the physical environment. Many institutions are guided by a plan that proposes adjustments to the ever-changing nature of the campus. This course will explore how campus plans can be more effective in shaping the campus physical environment that is responsive to and supportive of the academic initiatives of the institution. Discussion will highlight the process and the role that campus planning plays in helping the institution respond to differing situations and environments and offer a practical set of tools for articulating and giving shape to a physical vision for the campus that is grounded in the principles and policies of the institution. Topics will include developing a campus vision, creating a campus master plan and upgrading a master plan that will improve the quality of the academic life and be reflective of the vision. Discussions will include pragmatic solutions that give a campus its distinctive character and quality and how physical changes can mirror the values of the institution. 

403 Space Planning & Administration (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Review the challenges associated with integrating facility planning, space planning and project programming with campus’s overall academic planning processes. Discuss ways too improve the integration of planning on the campus. Review the various levels of space planning and consider ways to manage master planning space projections, project planning space needs, and overall space management on the campus. Consider how space planning can bridge the gap between academia, the physical plant, and the project planning process. Review trends and new tools in space planning. Discuss the general programming process and determine what areas need more attention than others to be successful. Consider the value and use of the programming process and the plans the process delivers. 

405 Design Project Management (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
This class will focus on basic effective fundamental procedures for managing the project design process. Topics include how to understand and administer the design process, how to interview, select and hire a design consultant, how to get the best from your architect/engineer, how to work and communicate with your campus client, effective communication strategies, what to look for in design reviews, and the importance of program and budget conformance. Review successful processes for value engineering, effective team management, communication, and basic project management skills. 

407 Project Time Management (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Explore the reasons why university building and renovation projects require so much time. Discuss the impact that time has on the project budget and how others in the design and construction project management profession are meeting the challenges of shrinking timelines. Share experiences on managing design timelines and the campus decision-making process that threatens project schedules. Learn how other university project managers are successfully using schedule incentive clauses to ensure the contractor’s timely completion, including liquidated damages, actual damages, and bonus/penalty clauses.

408 Construction Contract Administration (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
Discuss the various project delivery approaches utilized by colleges and universities. Learn about the basic legal and contractual documents for a design and construction project. Examine the structure of a construction contract. Review bidding strategies and procedures for soliciting a construction bid and explore various techniques for structuring a bid proposal to the owner’s advantage.

409A Construction Project Management (AIA approved for 1.5 Learning Units)
This session is design for those that are involved with the design and construction of campus projects.  Utilizing real events encountered during construction and case studies, this class will focus on the conflicting challenges of delivering campus construction projects.  A full range of issues will be discussed including cost escalation, schedule delays, and dynamics unique to a university campus.  Case studies will involve small group discussion and resolution.  In addition, contemporary issues faced every day by project managers will be discussed.