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Course Descriptions

Module 1: Supervision, What Is It?
Learn to define effective facilities supervision; identify the roles and responsibilities of supervisors; and understand four key functions of supervision. 

Module 2: It’s More Than “Adminis-trivia.”
Learn to understand the supervisor’s role in administering organizational policy and procedures; recognize the legal considerations in the facilities environment; and gain an awareness of resource management. 

Module 3: Communication, Let’s Talk!
Identify barriers to effective communication; demonstrate communication skills; and understand your role in the communication process. 

Module 4: If It Weren’t for the People.
Understand the importance of developing and maintaining effective relationships with others in the workplace; examine the different types of relationships that exist in the workplace; and identify strategies and skills for improving relationships with others. 

Module 5: Motivation and Performance.
Identify methods of training and developing employees; ascertain methods of positive reinforcement; and understand the importance of performance management and evaluation. 

Module 6: Customer Service Triangle.
Learn to create a basic understanding of the three major aspects of customer service process, experience, and recovery; examine the role of the supervisor in customer service; and help participants identify areas for improvement in service delivery in their organizations. 

Module 7: Leadership Tools for Success.
Master techniques to understand critical elements of leadership; transition from managing, to managing and leading; and understand your own preferred leadership style.