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Business Partner Whitepaper Series

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APPA’s Business Partner members have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise that APPA’s members benefit from. As business partners to the educational facilities enterprise, you provide innovative ideas, high-quality products, and problem-solving techniques that prove to be valuable money- and time-saving resources that benefit our educational institutions and organizations.

The Business Partner Whitepaper Series includes case studies, research results, technical reports, product or process development information, or essays on concepts of interest to educational facilities.

APPA Business Partner Whitepapers

Cintas Logo

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chemistry Department Eliminates Recordable Accidents with Lab Coat Program from Cintas and OMNIA Partners (posted 3-14-24)

Legend Brand Logo

Managing Water Damage Better (posted 1-10-24)

AkitaBox Logo

The Guide to Higher Education Facility Management (posted 10/4/22)

Decarbonizing College Campuses (posted 10/20/22)


Queens University of Charlotte Cuts Annual Energy Costs (posted 2/15/22)

Lewis and Clark Community College Infuses Education and Sustainability (posted 11/1/2022)

Trauma-informed Design is Changing the Education Space — Here’s What that Means for the Built Environment (posted 6/6/2022)

A Business Case for an Energy Management Information System (posted 12/12/22)

Energy Legacy: Public Schools Save 60+ Million on Utilities (posted 9/20/22)

10 Tactics of Successful Energy Managers (posted 8/17/2022)

6 Tips for Tracking Your Utility Bills (posted 7/19/22)

20 Ways to Find Utility Bill Savings (posted 6/21/2022)

Why Utility Data Is the First Step in Your Sustainability Strategy (posted 5/11/2022)

Making the Most of Your Campus Energy Data (posted 3/28/2022)

FOS Logo Color

Defining Facility Condition Assessment Level of Detail (posted 3/14/2022)

Rapid Waters Technologies Logo

Nanobubble Generators Prevent Maintenance Headaches, $17,000 in Yearly Cleaning Costs for One WMU Apartment Building (posted 6/27/2022)

America’s Largest Industrial Thrift Store (posted 10/5/21)

Help Ensure the Health and Safety of Your Students, Faculty & Staff, Fully Funded (posted 9/1/2021)