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APPA Advisors

APPA Advisors Lander and Don
Lander Medlin and Don Guckert

APPA Advisors provide assessment, advising, analytic, developmental, and strategic services to assist institutions in leveraging their physical assets, enhancing the student experience, building organizational capacity, developing their human capital, and extracting higher value and better outcomes from their investments in facilities construction, operations, renewal, and modernization. APPA Advisors provide assessments that are tailored, customized, and scaled to address organizational and institutional challenges. 

APPA Advisors offer an unmatched depth and breadth of industry expertise on operational best practices, successful innovative solutions, effective organizational design, comprehensive benchmarking, and strategic planning approaches to provide evaluations, solutions, and guidance tailored to the challenges facing your organization and institution.

The scope of our services generally aligns to one or more of three major categories of interest: