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Survey raw responses: continued services

Unedited responses from APPA’s survey on Grounds/Landscaping, conducted April 2020.

What grounds/landscaping services does your unit continue to provide?  3% responded by selecting OTHER.

Limited campus landscape care (i.e. weed control) and athletic field maintenance
Snow Removal
Inspection for exterior pests, minor asphalt repair, debris pickup, sidewalk sweeping due to geese
Growing summer annuals
Ongoing projects
Planting, maintenance projects, assistance to other shops, etc… whatever is necessary
Fire Ant control, weed control
Fire abatement maintenance and hardscape disinfection services
Maintaining the greenhouse
We are located in Alaska. We continue to have snow removal, roof drains, parking lot maintenance and equipment prep for when we get spring.
landscape Installation
landscaping installation and design
Other duties as assigned
Natural sport turf maintenance; supplemental safety and security reporting
Emptying trash dumpsters
We would mow also, if we did not have 8″ of snow on the ground.
Snow and ice removal
Mowing for fire prevention only
Herbicide application
Growing summer annuals
Gardening, Planting, IPM
Irrigation repair and maintenance, pest and weed control
All services at very minimal levels
Aeration, pest services, irrigation
Mow, weed eat, edge and blow, the basics
Weed control
Snow removal
Pest control, irrigation
Arborists come in only when needed
Only watering
Campus grounds inspection
Small project work, billable work
Weed Control
Graffiti removal – offensive only
Storm cleanup- tree limbs, sidewalk blowing; pond & lake maintenance; disinfecting all outdoor benches,, bleachers, tables, handrails, bus shuttles & trash can lids; recycling services; move & event set up (awnings, tables, chairs for health or student  groceries pick up); irrigation repairs; discing unimproved areas; indoor & outdoor pest control
Watering indoor plants
Storm clean up
Trash, recycling and compost removal
IPM practices, including pesticides
Staffing support to prevent people from accessing campuses
Removal of annual flowers and assisting with trash collection 2 days/week.
Irrigation system operations and repair; landscape improvement projects; turf restoration; etc.
Weed control
Aeration and top dressing
New landscaping campus projects and new buildings
Herbicide application
Irrigation repair and weed control
May not plant annuals
Chemical applications of growth regulators to slow plant material growth,  perimeter building treatments to reduce insect infestation in buildings that are now not occupied
Working the sports venues
Turf care, mechanic services
Work orders for removal of fecal material
All contracted services with no face-to-face interaction
Refuse pick up and disposal
Weather dictates services to be completed
Maintenance (large and small equipment), Irrigation
Our group includes: Fleet/garage, waste collection and organics processing, procurement and stores
Packing and moving student belongings
Snow/ ice removal
Equipment maintenance and repair
Irrigation startups, utility locates
All services on reduced basis
Pool maintenance and athletic fields maintenance
Field maintenance
Snow removal, irrigation
Pest Control and IPM
Weed control
Weed Control
Seeding new grass