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Survey Raw Responses: Overall Level of Preparedness to Reopen in Spring

Great.  Starting to plan for scenarios that we would not anticipate.
Solid, with unavoidable uncertainties the only loose ends.
I feel we are very prepared.
They’re trying to adjust to constant changes and improving.
We are ready for what we know as of today.
65 on a scale of 100.
We plan to open in order to survive.
The university is in a good place, with a solid foundation.
Okay as the campus isn’t going to reopen.
We are well prepared.
Very prepared (spring looks like fall.)
We are fairly well prepared as we are taking the same approach, we had for the fall semester, with a few more in-person classes.
Pretty good, we did better than most institutions based on number of cases and ability to have students on campus and in class.
Moderate level of preparedness. There are a number of lessons learned to be analyzed and implemented to improve for the spring. I am concerned that we will lose time due to pandemic fatigue and the need to “take a break” following student departure from campus.
Very Good.  But will it be worth it with students choosing to stay at home or in the dorm and completing their classes online.
We will get there, but I feel we are 2 months behind already.
I’m feeling good as the leadership has been proactive.
We are well prepared.  Our fall prep was very good and we have very little else to do for spring.
I feel very good that we are prepared by learning from the mistakes we made during the fall semester.
Anxious: Because we are planning for many more students in housing and classrooms than we had in the fall, we have not had many opportunities to stress test the systems we have in place.
I felt we were more prepared for Fall than we are for Spring.  There was more information shared and more involvement to make awareness known.
Good. We have been managing well so far. Nerves about more students and face-to-face courses in the spring.
As good as we will be.
We are very well prepared. Our fall semester was highly successful on campus.
Above average.
Very Good and we are still working together to sharpen our procedures to make us even more prepared by the time the students return.
Our plan is good and well thought out. We feel that we have more capacity to utilize when we will be allowed. Enrollment numbers are still down until our international students can begin to obtain VISAs and travel returns. At this time, we are in a deficit budget fiscal year.
I feel pretty good seeing as how well we did in the fall.
Adequate testing plans seem robust, but still in denial that bringing students into the community is problematic.
UIC has demonstrated a remarkable level of adaptation and is on par with ANY like institution as to preparedness….likely exceeding many in capability.
Will be ready.
I think we are as prepared as we can be with what we know today. We certainly have challenges in the future that we don’t know exist today.
All things considered, we’re in pretty good shape. We’ve adjusted our plans based on lessons learned in the Fall, which is very helpful as we look to Spring.
Very good.
We feel very prepared.
Very good.
Ok but not fully confident.
We’re 75% there…
We are not reopening due to a multi-year construction project.
Fairly well prepared, however if the rate of infection continues, we may be forced to close as mandated by the Governor of the State.
As prepared as we can be.
Confident and ready.
We are prepared and ready to go.
Reasonably good since we have made it through the Fall semester without having to go totally online.  I would have preferred that we did not include a Spring Break in the schedule, but that may be subject to change.  Our processes and plans have been executed and have worked and tweaked where needed.  If students get and take a vaccine early in 2021, we just might make it through the Spring semester.  I am concerned though, about what the summer of 2021 will look like if we try to run our usual rental activities and campus doesn’t get a break.
Very Good.
We have been planning for months and had a successful in-person on-campus experience, so we are feeling reasonably confident.
Pretty good.
Good – as well as can be expected.
Very confident, despite a few internal hiccups we have a great team that has weathered many storms, and this is the latest one.
Very prepared, but also seeking efficiencies with our processes.
We are ready.  I feel confident.
Generally good.
Very good.
We’re as good, or better, than the general public.
Overall we are prepared.  We have a good plan and protocols in place.  The COVID cases we see aren’t on campus spread but spread at home.
Good – we’ll continue to be successful.
Fairly good. I think we’re basically ready.
High level of confidence in preparations and attention to detail.
Very good.
Very good
We a fairly well prepared.
Good, since our ICS team has been totally involved is all issues related to the pandemic.
Overall, the campus is prepared just working through all of the complex details launching a new more robust testing protocol on campus.
Very prepared.
Well prepared except for the extent of student testing.
Feel prepared.  A long winter break allows for a recharge, assessment of fall effort, and time to implement needed changes.
I am very pleased with the university’s efforts and feel we are well prepared.
We are confident.
About the same as most others in our region with similar resources.
Very good.
As good as can be expected.  Although we were down in housing (82%) our overall enrollment was as good as it has ever been.
Well prepared.
Very confident.  We are performing at a high level. Our Task Force has done a phenomenal job!
Ready to go!!
Very Confident.
We are better prepared than others but have room for improvement. I feel we are 80% prepared but that remaining 20% carries a lot of weight.
We are confident.
Pretty good.  Overall things have gone well in the Fall, and we expect it to be similar in the Spring.
Mostly good.
Fair.   Academic and administrative “experts” who don’t know what they are doing, are calling the shots and making ill-advised and ignorant decisions.
Faculty, staff, and students are “safer” on campus, than at home. Wish we could keep everyone on campus.
We are as prepared as humanly possible.
Very good.
I feel moderately concerned that regardless of our preparedness, we will still have to deal with outbreaks.
We will be ready based on what we know now but so much can change between now (late-Nov, 2020) and then (mid-Jan, 2021). Our readiness and our resiliency plans must remain flexible and prepared to pivot into available options as necessary.
Good, confident.
For what we have open confident.  Our EHS team has been the guiding resource.
Doing the best we can with what we know.
After the fall semester, our overall plan is solid. Costly by effective.
Good.  But who knows where this is really going.
We are well-prepared.
8 out of 10.  We don’t know what we don’t know.
Good.  Carrying over status from end of fall semester.
Very good
I think we’ve done well, all things considered.
Very good
Generally we are prepared.  Most of the adjustments that we are making are around managing behaviors and communicating expectations in what could be a higher degree of community spread in the surrounding community than we experienced last semester.
I think we are prepared, but uncertain students will actually be here if the virus keeps spreading at all time high rates.
I believe we are well prepared at this point, and with the pushing back of return to 3rd week of January, there should be time to adjust to any changes to the expected pandemic and possible effects of the upcoming antidotes
We feel we are prepared, but are not confident case rates will subside to a comfortable level for us to reopen.
All in all, we are doing a very good job.  People here take stewardship seriously.
Excellent, we have been and continue to be prepared and ready for anything that comes at us.
We are confident that we have good plans based on current information.
Rate from 1-10.  I feel we are at a 8. We have done a lot and there are a few items that need to be tightened up, overall ready for spring semester
As good as can be expected, considering the circumstances.
Very prepared since we are a small campus we can adapt quickly.
Well prepared
We are as well prepared as we can be.
About 5 out of 10. We have things in place for the items/areas we can control, but there are several things (mentioned HVAC in earlier response) that just aren’t possible.
I feel we are prepared.  Our processes, procedures, and mitigation steps have worked very well.  We have had a fraction of the number of cases other similar colleges have had despite being located in a densely populated metro area.
Good to very good.  We made it through Fall semester and are using the same basic approach for spring with a “re-energizing” PR campaign to keep people focused.
I think we will bring students back to campus and send them home within three weeks, not because we are unprepared, but because it is so difficult to control behavior.
We feel very prepared.
Fair to good
Fairly confident
We are prepared but need funding for better testing or for employees to feel financially secure enough to quarantine.
I think we have done well while balancing all the variables…
I feel good overall. The uncertainties are of concern.
Cautiously optimistic.