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Upcoming Webinars/Town Halls

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Please visit our archived pages for any sessions you missed in 2023, 2022 or 2021.

DateTitlePresenterEducational Credits
5/2/2024Designing and Constructing Natural Grass Athletic Fields: Key Considerations for SuccessGale, Inc.CEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
5/16/2024Intelligent Building Technologies for Campus Facilities ManagementDIRTT CEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points
5/30/2024Planning for a Modular, Scalable District Heating Loop: Key Challenges and Successes at Brown University’s Jewelry DistrictEcosystem Energy ServicesCEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
6/6/2024The Benefits of Drones in Evaluating the Building EnclosureGale, Inc.CEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
6/12/2024Space Management Strategies for a New EraHuron Consulting GroupCEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
6/20/2024Who’s Ready to Test? Here is how the ACG Building Systems Commissioning Guideline defines ready for testingAABC Commissioning Group (ACG)CEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
7/11/2024Constructing a Plan for Success: Effective Strategies in HiringOpus PartnersCEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
7/25/2024Future-Proofing Higher Education Facilities: Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Facility ManagementFOS of CannonDesignCEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
9/5/2024Building Commissioning: A Risk Management ApproachFarnsworth Group Inc.ICEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
9/19/2024Implementing a Roof Management PlanGale, Inc.CEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
10/10/2024There’s More to Roof Replacement than RoofingGale, Inc.CEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs
10/24/2024From Assessment to Action: How to Take a Strategic Approach to Unit PerformanceHuron Consulting Group CEU/PDH/LU/APPA/CEFP Recertification Points/AIA CLUs

If you have any registration questions, please contact APPA’s Professional Development Staff at [email protected].